Campground Cooking

Camping is one of our favorite activities, and a lot of cooking goes on in our camp!  We'll continue to post some camp kitchen set-up photos and creative recipes here soon, so put away that can of beanie-weanies!  Real campers need real food!

Get out of my kitchen!

Kay gives her seal of approval to the camp kitchen setup.
  • No photos of this one, but be sure to try our "One Skillet Breakfast with Everything"next time you're camping.  It'll feed a large crowd, and is easy to make.  Kay invented this one.
Tom preparing the turkey for Thanksgiving dinner in the campground.  We also had homemade dressing, potatoes, gravy, veggies, bread, cranberry and dessert!  All the other campers were quite jealous.  This was at a campground in south Georgia, near Moultrie.
Shish Kebab skewers, ready for grilling. 
Why is this woman in my kitchen?

Everyone needs a table like this for keeping the camp kitchen organized.  We use two other tables for prep and cooking, but this is where all of our "stuff" lives in-between uses.
We make these at home, too, but they are a must-have for camp breakfasts!

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