Dinner After Midnight

This was meant as a dig at all of our friends who have teased us for years about serving "dinner after midnight".  Kay & Tom enjoy entertaining, and sometimes it's hard to stop the fun to have dinner.  If you come for dinner, there are a few ground rules you should know:

  1)  Stay out of the kitchen.
  2)  Don't try to rush things along . . . you'll only make it worse.
  3)  Bring a sense of humor.
  4)  Bring your own wine!
  5)  Eat before you come if you think you'll starve before midnight.

The Throne
Now you know all about "Dinner After Midnight" and the "Three-Headed Chef". The cartoon cat sneaking off on our header (above) represents our cat, Leo, who likes to sneak off into the woods at night in search of his own version of "Dinner After Midnight".  Dookie and Angel (the pups) also help out in the kitchen from time to time.  They make a good cleanup crew!

Oh and hey, just because we eat late, doesn't mean we suffer for it.  Our recipes include some really healthy and fresh chicken, fish, pork, beef, vegetarian (not vegan yet, sorry) recipes, and even many low-fat, low-calorie options.  Some would even be considered "gourmet".  Even Three Headed Chefs have to watch their weight now and then!  We hope you enjoy trying the recipes, and if you do, please leave a comment.  We enjoy reading them, and we'd like to know what you think.  Now let the cooking games begin!

On a sad note, we lost Leo about a year ago, as well as our black lab, Angel, then finally Dookie.  Things just aren't the same around the cabin without them.   But we do have a new cat now named Roscoe (who looks a lot more like our cartoon logo!), plus our new dog, Diesel.

Little Leo, the Lionhearted
Angel (aka Jellybean).   Best dog ever.  Forever in our hearts.
Dookie (Duke) sadly passed away in 2017.  We miss he and Angel a lot.
And our newest addition, Roscoe, the lazy cat.
We've also added a new dog . . . meet Diesel.

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