Thursday, August 29, 2013

Beef Stroganoff

So, okay, you can’t make Stroganoff without mushrooms.  Can’t be done.  Got home last night with all the groceries, no mushrooms.  Does your grocery store ever mess with you like that?  We know it was in the buggy, it made it to the checkout counter, but never made it into our bags.  Needless to say, we were a little miffed.  After seriously considering making this recipe without mushrooms, we made yet another trip to the grocery store (not a short trip where we live).  But here it is, in all it’s glory (with mushrooms!)

Beef Stroganoff

2 tbl. butter
1 ½ lbs. boneless top loin (or similar cut of beef), cut into ½” thick cubes
2 cloves garlic, smashed & finely chopped
¼ tsp. salt
good dash of ground black pepper
¼ cup sherry
1 ½ cups beef broth
1 large onion, sliced then cut into 1” long strips
8 oz. mushrooms, sliced
8 oz. tomato sauce
2 tsp. fresh parsley, chopped
3 tbl. flour
1 cup sour cream
16 oz. package of egg noodles
1 additional tbl. of butter

·         In a medium skillet, melt 2 tbl. of butter and add the beef and the garlic and cook, stirring occasionally, over medium heat until the beef is no longer pink inside (about 10 minutes)
·         Add the salt & pepper, stir well, then add the sherry
·         Add all but 1/3 cup of the beef broth to the skillet (save the 1/3 cup for later use)
·         Reduce heat to just above a simmer, cover and cook for about 45 minutes, stirring occasionally
·         Add the onions, mushrooms, tomato sauce, and parsley to the skillet and stir in well
·         Cover and cook an additional 30 minutes, stirring often
·         In a separate container, mix the 1/3 cup reserved beef broth with the flour, and shake/stir until well mixed
·         Stir the flour/broth mixture slowly into the beef mixture, stirring until well blended and slightly thickened (continue stirring for about 5 minutes)
·         Increase to medium-high, boil and stir one minutes, then remove from heat
·         Add the sour cream and stir in until well blended
·         Return to a low heat to keep warm
·         Cook the noodles as directed on the package, drain and return to a bowl and stir in 1 tbl. of butter
·         Put the noodles on a plate and top with the beef mixture. YUM!

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