Thursday, May 23, 2013

Blue Bruschetta

We make this bread with all kinds of ingredients, but this is what we ended up with to go with tonight’s dinner.  If you come up with a really cool variety please let us know.  We like to try new recipes, too!  I hope you enjoyed your Wednesday night as much as we did.  It's so much fun to come up with recipes and blog about them over a few glasses of vino.  Oh, and we’ve often burned the bread during the broiling stage (could have something to do with the wine), so watch it carefully!   It’s just bread.  Don’t cry over it, just start over.  Makes 4 to 8 servings, depending on how you want to slice it.

1 loaf 5-grain Italian baguette bread
5 tbl. olive oil
1 tbl. butter
8 very thin onion slices, cut into quarters
16 fresh basil leaves, sliced about ¼” wide
Parmesan Cheese
16 fresh cherry tomatoes (or 1 large regular tomato), de-seeded and juice removed, thinly sliced
4 tbl. crumbled Blue cheese

·         Cut bread into 4 sections (in half, then in half lengthwise)
·         In a small skillet, heat olive oil & butter over medium heat until hot
·         Add the onions and basil, cook and stir occasionally until tender, about 5 minutes, then remove from heat
·         Generously brush the oil onto the bread slices (just the oil, not the onion and basil at this point  – onions and basil will be used later)
·         Place the bread slices on a cookie sheet and broil for about 2 ½ minutes on high, until just lightly browned
·         Remove the bread from the oven, and sprinkle lightly with Parmesan cheese
·         Top with the tomato slices, and the onions & basil from the olive oil
·         Sprinkle the crumbled blue cheese over the top and add a little bit more Parmesan cheese
·         Drizzle a little of the olive oil leftover from the pan over the top of the bread slices
·         Broil over low for about 2 minutes


  1. Bruschetta is such a versatile meal! This looks delicious! You could try it with tomato and feta cheese broiled for couple of minutes under the broiler!

    1. I love Feta! Great idea. Thanks for your nice comment.

    2. The feta is great on these and also some sliced black olives are a nice touch.

  2. G'day and YUM< TRUE!
    might have to put this on the list to do!
    Cheers! Joanne
    What's On The List

    1. Hi, Joanne! I'm going to have to check out your list. :-) Glad you like the bread.


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